Women's Marches Planned In The North State

Jan 19, 2018

Saturday marks the anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, and Sunday will mark a year since women across the nation gathered in shock, outrage and protest of a leader who rocketed to the Oval Office despite uncouth behavior and widely circulated tape boasting of groping women.

After a year of revelations rocking entertainment, the news media, sports and politics, energy and engagement among women seems to have only gathered strength.

So-called Women’s Marches are planned for Washington and New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. In all, more than 40 events are scheduled throughout California this weekend, including in a small North State community.

Julie McKee of Janesville is organizing a march and rally to be held Saturday in Susanville. She said her efforts are in honor of the memory of Zellamae Miles, daughter of Susan Roop, for whom Susanville was named.

“And she championed the acceptance and the rights of all people,” McKee said. “She spent her 91 years as a moral force and a leader in our community.”

Though Trump trounced Hillary Clinton in Lassen County with a 73 to 21 percent margin, McKee said rallies for science, the environment and against the recent tax reform law drew respectable crowds.

“Last time we had a march, someone drove down the street, did a U-turn, came back and said ‘I didn’t know there were other people in Lassen County who believed as I did,’” McKee said.

Saturday’s march is scheduled to get underway at 1 p.m. at the Lassen Historical Museum, 95 North Weatherlow Street in Susanville.

Marches are also planned for 10 a.m. Saturday in Chico at the Chico City Plaza, 105 W. 4th Street; and at noon Sunday in Redding at Redding City Hall, 777 Cypress Avenue.