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Business Underwriting

Consider this...

North State Public Radio is available to more than 600,000 Northern California listeners throughout an area roughly the size of Ohio. Underwriting on North State Public Radio is a proven way to distinguish your business or organization. Our on-air acknowledgements effectively inform listeners — many of whom are difficult to reach via other media — about your business, organization or event.

  • 80% of public radio listeners hold a more positive image of companies that support public radio.*
  • 70% say that a company’s support of public radio has a positive influence on their decision to purchase that company’s products or services.

Marketing Benefits


Unlike commercial advertising, your underwriting message doesn’t need to compete in a cluttered environment — it stands out and is heard.

Active Listeners…

North State Public Radio listeners don’t just listen — they get involved. They're leaders in their communities. They’re decision makers — people on whom your message will have an impact.

Quality Audience…

North State Public Radio listeners are generally well educated and affluent. Some distinguishing characteristics of the public radio audience, compared to average U.S. adults, include:

  • 120% more college graduates**
  • 124% more listeners with annual incomes of $50,000 or more**
  • Twice the number of professionals and managers**
  • 88% more likely to ba active in local civic issues**

*Source: A Comprehensive Analysis of Public Radio Listeners, Liebold & Assoc., Inc., Annapolis, MD.

** Source: Simmons Market Research Bureau Study of Media and Markets.

For more information about underwriting programming on North State Public Radio, please call Carlos Casarez at 530-368-6650 or email