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Chico Teacher Receives Surprise Award And $25,000

Milken Family Foundation

A Chico teacher got an unusual surprise Wednesday: a $25,000 check.

Matt Harvey received a Milken Educator Award, which goes out to outstanding teachers throughout the country.  

Harvey teaches math at CORE Butte Charter School, and works with students on personalized learning programs. CORE is sort of a hybrid between independent study and a charter high school.

Harvey says he was honored.

“It’s really fun that they’re going around and recognizing teachers because I think it’s an amazing profession,” he said. “And I’m just truly passionate about being able to help kids. And to be recognized for that is truly an honor — it’s amazing.”

The award is given by theMilken Family Foundation, which has passed out more than 2,600 of them since 1987.

Harvey is a 2008 Chico State graduate.