Gift Planning

Planning for the Future of Your Family and North State Public Radio

Thank you for helping us grow into a trusted source of information, music and entertainment for our community. Contributions you make today help provide the funds necessary to serve our listeners each day, but by planning a gift in your overall estate or financial plans, you can help ensure that we'll be here for years to come. You don’t have to be a certain age or very wealthy to make a big difference — you just need a plan, and you've come to the right place to start yours.

A variety of gift plans may reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes, income taxes and estate taxes. In addition, some plans may provide an income for life. Below are samples of the type of planned and estate gifts donors can make.

To learn more about the ways in which you can leave a legacy gift to North State Public Radio, please contact Phil Wilke at 530-898-6100 or 

Why should you consider a Legacy Gift?

It is easy, it is powerful, and it is enduring. Many friends of North State Public Radio and California State University, Chico are surprised to discover how easy it is to leave a legacy that makes a real impact.  A Legacy Gift can endure to provide significant benefits for the students, faculty, and academic or radio programs that make NSPR and CSU, Chico truly outstanding. Your heritage and vision for this station and campus will be preserved as a lasting tribute to your generosity.

Benefits of a Legacy Gift

  • Receive an immediate income tax deduction
  • Increase income with certain gift plans
  • Eliminate capital gains tax on appreciated assets
  • Reduce or eliminate estate taxes
  • Receive lifetime income from some forms of planned gifts
  • Have diligent management of the gift in perpetuity

Ways to Give

There are almost as many variations on ways to make a donation as there are needs to be met. Explore this section to discover new ways to make a gift that also take into consideration your personal circumstances and the needs of your heirs.

While North State Public Radio continues to depend on regular annual membership contributions from supporters, especially new generations of listeners, our future success will also depend on special gifts from long-time friends who want to help NSPR flourish.

Listed below are a number of the most common types of planned gifts:

Bequests by Will or Living Trust

You may create a gift of either specific dollar amount or a percentage of an estate by naming North State Public Radio as one of your beneficiaries.

Retirement Accounts

You may name North State Public Radio as a beneficiary on a retirement account.

Charitable Gift Annuity

You can enjoy a fixed income stream for life, some of which may be tax-free, and also receive an immediate tax deduction.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You form a tax-advantaged trust and then receive income for life, or a fixed term of years, plus receive an immediate income tax deduction, and minimize capital gains tax.

Charitable Lead Trust

You can transfer an asset to a trust that distributes income to Chico State for a stated term. At the end term, the asset is returned either to the donor or to another beneficiary.

Life Insurance

You may contribute an existing policy or establish a new policy, naming North State Public Radio as an owner/beneficiary.

Donor-Advised Fund

You can create a large gift fund and retain the ability to recommend designated uses of the gift through the University Foundation, and even include other specific charities.

Appreciated Assets

You can transfer an asset, such as real estate, specific investments, or business interests and thus avoid the capital gains tax while at the same time realizing full income tax deduction.

Reserved Life Estate

You can add the CSU, Chico University Foundation to your legal title. You retain the full ability to live in the home for life but also receive a current tax deduction. And you receive a tax deduction based on your age.

Donor Recognition Opportunities

Cornerstone Endowments

With a gift to North State Public Radio or Chico State for a named endowment, the name of your endowment will prominently appear on the Cornerstone Endowments recognition display in Kendall Hall.

Heritage Circle

By naming North State Public Radio or CSU, Chico as a charitable beneficiary in a will, living trust, or planned gift, you become a valued member of the Heritage Circle, and enjoy the recognition benefits of this special group and an invitation to our annual luncheon.