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Voters Unload Ire On Rep. LaMalfa At Chico Town Hall

Though he’s considered a shoe-in for re-election, Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa reaped a harvest of criticism from constituents at a town hall meeting Monday morning in Chico.  

Opponents of the Republican agenda dominated the packed meeting yesterday, critiquing and bashing votes on health care, along with policies and proposals addressing immigration, climate change and taxes. 

“People who voted for you last time, or may have voted for you in the past are now concerned because you have, in their eyes, and in my eyes and in many people’s eyes, become a Trump man and a company man of the Republican line," said Chico resident Norma Wilcox. "This is something — we want you to be the Northern California representative first and foremost.”  

LaMalfa deflected questions about the Affordable Care Act, saying insurance companies should be allowed to offer more options, though some policy experts warn that buyers of such policies could face exorbitant bills for un-covered treatments, medicines or procedures. 

With a battle over tax reform on the horizon, LaMalfa was non-committal to a plea from retired economist Richard Young who warned that reducing taxes on the wealthy will worsen inequality while failing to pay for itself or spur economic activity.  

“We want to stimulate, not the government doing the stimulating, but the people,” LaMalfa said.

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