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Carr Fire Victims Continue To Aim Towards Recovery

Noah Berger
AP Photo

Over 1000 homes were lost in last summer's Carr and Delta Fires in Shasta County. Many of those homeowners were uninsured, or underinsured, but there is help available.

Only about 20 homes have actually been rebuilt. But almost 200 permits have been issued, and those homes are being rebuilt, or will be rebuilt. That leaves nearly 780 homes in the balance.

Money from FEMA and insurance may not be enough to cover all the costs when a home is lost. Tim Danielson is with the Nor-Cal Recovery Team, a group that was formed to help fill in that gap. He says anyone who lost their home needs to be made whole.


“These folks are survivors. They’ve been through something that nobody could have foreseen and because of that, we’re trying to make sure that they’re situation, that they get recovered according to what that looks like for them.” Danielson said. 


Peter Griggs is also with the team and he says all of the money either comes from individuals or businesses. And his group works as a clearing house of sorts, providing case management for all of them.


“Salvation Army for instance is sitting there, Shasta Regional Community Foundation, we have Lutheran Social Services that are there, Bethel Outreach is there, we have Hill County who is also with us.” Griggs said.


Danielson says there are many unforeseen costs that can fall upon the homeowner that insurance may not cover. Things like power poles, and septic systems. And he says the financial cost on a family can be devastating, not to mention the property tax revenue that the county or city are losing.


But it’s not just financial help that is available. Things like food, clothing, furniture, and even personal hygiene supplies.  Also spiritual and emotional support is available for families; including this one who lost everything.


“They went back, bought their kids new clothes, all their toys, etc, and they were going to go to Grandma’s house and the little boy ran in and grabbed all of his stuffed animals ‘cause he’s like what happens if?” Danielson said.


The Nor-Cal Recovery Team is there to help anyone who lost a home in both last years Carr or Delta fires. They especially need contractors who are willing to take the lead in building a home.


If you would like to contact them the web address is