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The California Office of Emergency Services extended the deadline to sign-up for its debris removal program for the North Complex Fire.


The new deadline is Feb. 1. This is the second time the office has extended the deadline.


Anna Loughman, Butte County debris removal coordinator, said that 111 properties have begun the debris removal process.

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Property owners whose homes burned in the North Complex Fire have an extra month to enroll in a government-funded program to remove burned debris and other hazards from their properties. 


The initial deadline to sign upfor the program was Dec. 15, property owners now have until Jan. 15 to register by submitting a right-of-entry form. 

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The clean-up of properties burned in the North Complex Fire is underway and going as planned according to Anna Loughman, debris removal coordinator for Butte County.

“We started on November 27th which was a few days early; we weren’t expecting them to begin until December 1st so that was a nice surprise,” Loughman said. “We actually started cleaning nine properties of debris and seven of them have been completed.” 

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Clean-up after the North Complex Fire has proceeded to Phase II – the removal of burned buildings and larger debris. 

Anna Loughman , the removal coordinator for Butte County, says she’s getting a lot of questions about the process.

For example, can property owners sell their property before it has been cleared?  The answer is yes.

CHIP Facebook

The Community Housing Improvement Program is working hard to get Camp Fire survivors back home, not in Paradise or Magalia, but in Biggs. 

CHIP is a nonprofit corporation that provides low-income families an opportunity for homeownership.

The program is now accepting applications for 10 solar-powered homes to be built in Biggs, with priority for families burned out in the Camp Fire.  

CHIP Housing Specialist Judy Orozco explains the basics of the program.

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In mid-October Shasta County had the highest rate of new COVID cases in California, 19 per 100,000 residents.

Its numbers are now well above that rate and there’s no sign the county will escape purple tier status anytime soon. 

Kerrie Schutte, a spokesperson for Shasta County Public Health, gave a stark assessment of the current rate of infection.


The onset of freezing nights and wet weather has once again heightened awareness of people sleeping on the street in Chico.

It’s a predictable problem but critics say the city is again unprepared to provide cold-weather shelter.

Deanna Schwab is the board president of Safe Space, a local volunteer organization that provides overnight accommodation for people without a roof over their heads. She says she’s not optimistic about this winter.

City of Chico

The Chico Climate Commission meets Thursday for a progress report on the ambitious 2030 targets the Chico City Council set on greenhouse gas reductions, among other issues.


Cheri Chastain, chair of the Chico Climate Commission, says the commission has hired a consultant to update its climate action plan.


“What we’re doing right now is actually updating the climate action plan to project out the actions we need to take over the next 10 years to achieve our climate goals,” she said. 


Sep 17, 2020
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In today’s show, we’ll hear from a couple who lost everything in the Bear Fire. We’ll also hear from the head of the North Valley Community Foundation talks about how the Camp Fire prepared it to quickly help survivors of this latest tragedy. To wrap it up, for all of us who are feeling like these crises are never-ending, some advice from the Butte County Health Department on how to cope. 

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Sep 10, 2020
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You'd be forgiven this week for having a sense of horrible déjà vu. Orange skies. Smoke. Fire. Evacuations. We’ll hear about major losses in Berry Creek and talk with someone from CalFire about what it’s like for firefighters out on the line in this kind of heat. Plus, a pyrogeographer explains some of the differences in fire behavior between the Bear Fire and the Camp Fire. That’s all ahead.