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Kim Weir

Host, Up the Road

Kim Weir, a former NSPR news reporter, is editor and founder of Up the Road, a nonprofit public-interest journalism project dedicated to sustaining the Northern California story. She is also an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers. North State Public Radio’s Up the Road program is jointly produced by Up the Road.

  • Disneyland is open, social distancing and masks required. (Yes, you can get Disney-themed face masks, even a $300 Minnie Mouse backpack.) Disneyland—like home, but more so, fans say. The surrounding neighborhood, Orange County, is like California. Join us for more, just up the road.
  • Some say the most engaging museum in Sacramento is the old city cemetery, once known, poetically, as the City of the Dead. Grand monuments, lovely gardens. Some of downtown’s public buildings could be taken together as an art and architecture museum. And area reserves, a natural history museum. Join us for more, just up the road.
  • There’s so much to see and do in Sacramento, California’s capital city, we’ll never move on unless I speed-walk through the basics, what else is downtown and around—at least major museums and sites. But then you’re on your own for Big Tomato parks and recreation, water sports, and all the rest. Join us for more, just up the road.
  • Sacramento feels something like other valley towns, but bigger. And it has big surprises. An exciting food scene, for one thing, at least before COVID. (The Big Tomato was always farm-to-fork.) Cool evening breezes in summer, outdoor a/c, thanks to the nearby Delta. And a spectacular State Capitol. Join us for more, just up the road.
  • The original gold rush boomtown of Sacramento boomed first as a tent city along the river’s mudflats, an area more or less defined these days by Front and J Streets, west of I-5—Old Sacramento. Then came California’s Great Flood, which inundated the entire valley for 45 days straight. Join us for more, just up the road.
  • The dream of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad—a cross-country rail line to connect the West with the rest of the nation—was first dreamed in…
  • People love to poke fun at Sacramento. Mark Twain was among the first. In Sacramento, he observed, “It is a fiery summer always, and you can gather roses,…
  • Sitting around the pool doing nothing is no sin in Palm Springs. Countless swimming pools here, reportedly one for every six residents—all kinds of water…
  • Greater Palm Springs is another good place to travel with, and among, people again.In the beginning was the desert—the Colorado Desert, and its wide,…
  • We’ve been getting ready for crowds of people again, now that the COVID tide is turning—maybe even traveling for the purpose of being with people. We…