Best Of Cultivating Place: In The Night Garden With The International Dark-Sky Association

Aug 16, 2018

Credit Photo used courtesy of International Dark-Sky Association

This week on Cultivating Place, we spend a little time revisiting our conversation exploring and appreciating the many gifts of darkness with the International Dark-Sky Association. 

This conversation is from December and the season of Winter Solstice, but I really wanted to revisit it now – in the season not too far past the summer solstice. The nights are short (but lengthening now) and they are warm and we have a tendency to want to stay up and out later than we do in winter. 

The summer stars, the summer moon, the meteor showers – they beckon us to come outside as much as our morning flowers.

Join us to listen to the conversation with Keith Ashley and Amanda Gormley of the International Dark-Sky Association, two passionate people within a global organization working to protect natural darkness as the precious natural resource it is.

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