Blue Dot 149: Inside The Making Of An Epic Documentary: A Conversation With Robert Stone

Jul 5, 2019

Robert Stone's three part documentary, Chasing The Moon, airs July 8-10 on the PBS history series The American Experience. After previewing the epic series, Dave interviewed Robert and the pair had an in depth conversation on the project from genesis to final cut. They also discuss the cultural meaning of the Moon landing as we look back at it through the lens of history fifty years later. And a new segment debuts on the show: Blue Dot's "Teachable Moment" where producer Matt Fidler poses a question to our host (who also happens to be a lifelong science educator) and get's an answer. This week we ask a question that seems childishly simple, though the answer is anything but: "Why is the sky blue?"

To bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the Universe. -Carl Sagan