Camp Fire Survivors: Struggling With Food Access? Send Us A Picture

Jun 25, 2020

Are you a Camp Fire survivor who is facing challenges feeding yourself or your family? We want to see what that looks like. 

Whether it’s a tiny refrigerator in your RV, picked-over shelves at the grocery store, meals made from the bounty of your garden, or something else entirely, we’d love for you to send us photos that document what you’re going through.

The photos will be used on our website in conjunction with a special NSPR radio series on this topic. The series includes interviews with survivors from throughout the burn scar who’ve told us of their challenges with food, the organizations trying to help, and more.

You can send your photos to or text them to 530-693-2032. Please tell us your name, where you live, and provide a description of each photo. Any additional information or anecdotes about your experiences with food insecurity are appreciated.

Thank you!