Safety Near Chico State Tops City Council Agenda

May 20, 2019

Credit Chico State

A new contract with firefighters, parking, and pedestrian safety near the university tops the agenda as the city council in Chico meets tonight.  


The official analysis calls the financial impact of the contract “minimal” on the city’s bottom line, but there are some changes. If ultimately approved, some firefighters would end up picking up a larger share of contributions to CalPERS and Medicare, costs currently picked up by taxpayers. But firefighters would be made whole by a 2.7 percent raise under the contract. The proposed contract would run through June of 2021. 


The perpetual problem of downtown parking — is there enough, and can the right people — shoppers ready to open their wallets — find it; will also be touched on. The Council is expected to approve a 102 page consultant report that may be a tough sell for drivers.


It calls for higher prices for both parking meters and parking tickets, adding automated license plate readers and wheel or vehicle immobilizers for scofflaws among other items.


The report notes that many of single space meters outside of the immediate downtown core are used so infrequently, they actually lose money.  


Recommendations in the report include increasing enforcement, extending paid parking to 7 p.m. and possibly weekends among other short and long term goals. 


And four years after several high profile vehicular accidents involving Cal State Students in the south of campus area, officials are expected to approve a lengthy document geared toward making the neighborhood eligible for state grants.


Several injury accidents in the south of campus area were attributed to poor lighting and intersections controlled by yield signs. 


The council is also expected to discuss how its own meetings are scheduled and consider moving comments from the public, from the end to near the beginning of meetings.