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Common Ground For Common Good: Cloud Wise Academy

NSPR GM Beth Lamberson interviews Joe Mckenna of Cloud Wise Academy

Cloud Wise Academy was formed to teach in-demand technical skills that employers are searching for in today’s market. There is currently a significant gap between the number of jobs open requiring these types of skills and the number of people in Shasta County who possess these skills.

There are smart people with a good work ethic, such as returning vets, who would be quite suitable for those high-demand jobs, if they had the right skills. They just need to be trained, and trained in the right way.

The Cloud Wise Academy courses are designed to be practical and affordable for people holding down a job or taking care of family as they learn a new set of high- demand skills. The Academy serves people of all ages and there is no prior programming or technology experience needed. All students need is a laptop and a basic understanding of how to use it. 

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