Gayle Kimball, a former Chico State sociology professor, is the author of a dozen books, many of which explore groups underrepresented in research, such as youth. Other titles include  50/50 Parenting, 50/50 Marriage and How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce.

Jim Henson

Jim Henson is a fourth generation resident of Paradise. He graduated from Chico State in religious studies. He wrote a book of short essays called “Reflections and Dark Truths” about nature, family, depression, and his dog Smokey.

“Homeless Joy: an exposé in poetry” is a memoir by J. L. (Joy) Wright who grew up in foster care.  After graduating from college she lived in a tent, and even after finding a job, could not afford housing.  Another guest, Charles Withuhn, tells what Chico Homeless Action Team (CHAT) does for the homeless.






Sociology professor Tony Waters has written a second book about the influence of German sociologist Max Weber. His latest book is “Max Weber and the Modern Problem of Discipline.” Canadian author Troy Parfitt challenges the assumption that China will determine the course of the global economy. The title of his book is “Why China Will Never Rule the World.”


World traveler and poet Wayne Pease wrote a memoir, “Cloud Watcher: a Fire lookout’s book of days” after 55 years as a forest fire lookout. He chose being a forest fire lookout so he would have time to read, write, and look out the window. Commentator Richard Parker shares his New Year’s resolution.