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On the anniversary of 9/11, Commentator Richard Parker has some thoughts about that event in US history.


In 2012 Chico Neurosurgeon Jeffrey Lobosky published It’s Enough to Make You Sick: The Failure of the American Health Care System and a Prescription for the Cure.   


Since then Dr. Lobosky has continued to research solutions and brings us an update.

Californians enrolled in Covered California will see premiums rise by an average of 12.5 percent next year. That's a slight decrease from last year. Tuesday’s announcement comes amidst uncertainty in the U.S. healthcare system.

State officials say insurers are waiting to see what actions may come from Congress and the Trump White House. One big unknown: will the federal government subsidize out-of-pocket costs for low-income consumers? If they don't, someone will have to eat the cost. And that will be either be insurers or consumers.

California To Release 2018 Insurance Rates Amid Uncertainty

Aug 1, 2017
Kevin Morris / Flickr

California officials plan to release next year's monthly premiums Tuesday for people who buy individual insurance plans under former President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

Sarah Bohannon

Nurses hustling and bustling about, beeping machines next to hospital beds and people – lots of people – helping or being helped. That’s what you usually encounter at a hospital, but not at this one. Here the sound that fills the rooms down the hallways is silence.

Colusa Regional Medical Center located in the city of Colusa has been shut down now for more than a month. The only life left behind its shuttered doors is that of about 10 staff members who for the time being are still working to complete admin tasks that will finalize the hospital’s abrupt closure where more than 200 employees were discharged.

Common Ground For Common Good: The Celebration

May 10, 2016
North Valley Community Foundation


The Celebration Foundation generates funding for cancer-related services in Butte County through its biennial Celebration. 

The foundation was started by Charlene Mikeska, a breast cancer survivor who started volunteering for Marin County's Stepping Out To Celebrate Life. Like Stepping Out, The Celebration is a gala and fashion show featuring breast cancer survivors. 

Marc Albert

Going out for the day takes a little extra time for 27-year-old Wesley Lemner. Complications at delivery left him with permanent brain damage.

In a back bedroom, Wesley’s mom, Margo, adjusts his cap as he gets ready for a trip outside.

As he heads for the door, Wes half brushes, half slaps his hair and head repeatedly.

Wesley is among about 450,000 recipients of In-Home Supportive Services, a joint federal, state and county program offering direct assistance to the disabled, the elderly and the infirm. Caregivers might help a recipient clean up after using the restroom, get dressed, prepare meals, run errands or change out oxygen tanks. Periodically evolving since its first iteration in the 1950s, IHSS is geared toward maintaining the independence of those needing help.

Undocumented immigrants make up a large percentage of the uninsured in California, and that can have a ripple effect on people who are eligible for health insurance.

It’s estimated undocumented immigrants make up about 40 percent of uninsured adults in California. They are not eligible to enroll in either Medi-Cal or Covered California, the state’s health exchange whose annual open enrollment period began this week.