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What Are The Current Water Conditions In Paradise?

Listener Don asks: “When will we be able to drink the water in Paradise? What is left on the district’s “to-do” list and could work in some areas be completed first to allow repopulation or will we have to wait until the entire system is fixed?


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More than seventy cats meow in stacked cages as volunteers come around with breakfast. Most of them are survivors of the Camp Fire that tore through Paradise in November, causing 52,000 people to leave their homes — many of them without their pets. Now, some of the abandoned cats call the Alley Cat Allies/FieldHaven Recovery Center in Marysville home.


Your Questions Answered: Rebuilding Paradise

Feb 7, 2019
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In this post you’ll find the answers to all of your rebuilding questions. You can submit more, or ask questions about anything Camp Fire related on our website.

All answers in this post are attributed to Town of Paradise Administrative Analyst and Public Information Officer Colette Curtis.