2020 Fire Season

NSPR aims to bring you accurate and comprehensive fire coverage in the North State. Here you will find all of our fire updates and stories.

Our staff will not be providing updates on wildfires between 7 p.m. - 6 a.m. You can stay updated on the latest information by tracking and monitoring fires on social media. To ensure you're alerted if there is an emergency in your area, sign up for emergency alerts in your county, and always have an emergency kit ready to go in case of an evacuation. 

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Noah Berger

Meteorologist Emily Heller says the weather lately reminds her of what Northern California saw in 2018 just before the Camp Fire set the town of Paradise ablaze. For weeks, there was no rain, excessive heat, and dry winds. 

“The Camp Fire started November 8, and we hadn't gotten any rain to that point,” said Heller, who works with the National Weather Service in Sacramento. She said the first rains typically come in October. But for the rest of this October, rain isn’t in the forecast. Fire season won’t end until rain storms fully soak the region, she says, and until then fires could spread easier because of wind, so people should do whatever they can to prevent fires from igniting. 

'We Will Rebuild': Zogg Fire Evacuees Wait To Return Home

Sep 30, 2020
Cal Fire SHU

Residents in Shasta County have faced mandatory evacuation as the Zogg Fire has burnt through 51,955 acres with 7 percent containment. 

Brian Miller, a 58-year-old retiree, lives on Zogg Mine Road in Igo. He and his girlfriend evacuated with their dogs and cat.

Don Hankins

Dave learns about fighting fire with fire in this episode as he talks to CSU Chico Professor of Geography Don Hankins. Dr. Hankins teaches a course called "Pyrogeography" examining the role of fire on both landscapes and the communities that inhabit them. Hankins is a firm believer in the importance of using prescribed burning techniques to control fuel loads and enhance the native ecology of areas throughout California that evolved with fire as a natural element of their ecosystems.


Sep 10, 2020
Noah Berger / AP Photo

You'd be forgiven this week for having a sense of horrible déjà vu. Orange skies. Smoke. Fire. Evacuations. We’ll hear about major losses in Berry Creek and talk with someone from CalFire about what it’s like for firefighters out on the line in this kind of heat. Plus, a pyrogeographer explains some of the differences in fire behavior between the Bear Fire and the Camp Fire. That’s all ahead.  

Noah Berger / AP Photo

In California, wildfires are a fact of life. And when a fire starts in your community, knowing where to turn for critical information can save you time and stress.

We’ve assembled a list of the places you can find official updates on everything from fire size and location, to evacuation orders and road closures. Keep in mind that emergency situations develop quickly, so information may come haphazardly and from different sources along the way.

CapRadio is running a blog with updates on active fires in Northern California.


Editor's note: This post is no longer being updated. Get current updates on active fires burning in Northern California from CapRadio's live blog, or use this guide to track information from local fire agencies.


Two years ago, on Nov. 8, 2018, the Camp Fire set blaze when a faulty electric transmission line sparked just outside Paradise. 

More than 13,000 homes were destroyed, 85 lives were lost, and 27,000 people struggled to escape with their lives. 


Alastair Gee And Dani Anguiano, journalists for The Guardian, investigated the most destructive American wildfire in a century in their book, "Fire in Paradise: An American Tragedy."


California’s wildfire season has been growing longer, deadlier and more destructive every year. As residents worry about their area being hit next, there are steps that they can take to help protect themselves and their property when wildfire strikes.

Before A Fire

The first step to prepare yourself for a wildfire in your area is to sign up for emergency alerts with your county. Find your county in the list below with a link to the sign-up form. Email us at nsprnews@csuchico.edu if there's an issue with one of these links, or if your county isn't listed.