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Pregnancy Wellness Event Planned In Red Bluff


On Sunday, mothers all over the United States were celebrated by their children, but there were a few who probably didn’t get the full treatment – mothers who are still expecting. If you’re one and living in or near Red Bluff, St. Elizabeth Community Hospital says there’s still time to celebrate.    

They’re hosting an event this weekend called “Preconceptions” that’s geared around explaining the facts of pregnancy. St. Elizabeth Marketing Manager Amy Gonczeruk says it’s for both pregnant women and those thinking about becoming pregnant.

“So what we’re doing for this event is gathering our local providers our MDs, our midwifes, our nurses and showcasing what we have to offer in this community,” Gonczeruk said.

She says they’ll also be highlighting nonmedical, more fun things that come along with pregnancy like photography, nutrition, and how to stay healthy through physical activity like yoga. 

Dr. Theodore Shea, one of the obstetricians with St. Elizabeth, recommends going on a preconception visit of a hospital, which can often be done at the same time as a regular gynecological appointment.

“And that would be a perfect opportunity to establish a rapport with that provider make sure that their style per se meets what you would see as being desirous in a prenatal provider,” Shea said.

He also advises those considering becoming pregnant to maintain a healthy weight, avoid tobacco use, minimize alcohol use, and start folic acid supplementation to lower the risk of birth defects.

This weekend’s event is free. It will be held at The Prescott Ballroom in Red Bluff this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.