DWR Mostly Reimbursing Butte For Road Damage; Voters Will Weigh Park Parcel Tax In March

Nov 18, 2019

Credit GetJerry.com

Reimbursement for road repairs, a proposed parks parcel tax and library hours are up for discussion in Oroville this morning where the Butte County Board of Supervisors is set to meet.


The county received $12 million of the $14 million it was seeking to cover damage and wear and tear done to area roads during and after the 2017 Oroville Dam emergency.


Heavy equipment and convoys of dump trucks repairing the dam’s crippled spillways damaged area roads. The county is earmarking a million of the money for other dam emergency-related expenses, leaving $11 million for roads.

The board of supervisors is expected to recognize the deal this morning. Meegan Jessee, deputy county administration officer said officials will look at prioritizing repairs, seeking other money and leveraging what they have.  The board is also expected to inject more money into a study quantifying road damage caused by debris removal trucks after the Camp Fire. 


Also on the docket: granting permission for the Chico Area Recreation and Park District to place an eighty-five dollar annual parcel tax on the ballot during the upcoming March primary. 


CARD Board Chair Mike Worley said the money is sorely needed. Among the priorities “a new gym, an aquatic center, more ball fields, finishing DeGarmo Park, improvements at Community Park.” 


Two-thirds of voters must approve the measure for it to pass. Owners of all taxable property, regardless of size or value, would be charged the same $85 a year.


Additionally, the board is expected to grant decision-making power about expanding or contracting opening hours at the county library’s Paradise branch to the library director. The branch is currently open 15 hours a week.


The board is also expected to approve a 1.3 million dollar contract to repair a nearly three year old washout on Centerville Road in Butte Creek Canyon.