Man Praising El Paso, Dayton Gunmen, Threating Rampage Put On Psych Hold

Aug 7, 2019

Credit Tech Advisor

Authorities detained a 22 year old Northern California man after he allegedly praised recent mass shooters on social media in a post described as incendiary and called for a similar attack locally.

The 22-year-old McCloud man was taken into custody and placed on a three day psychiatric hold after leaving a message on the social media site Snapchat officials interpreted as a potential threat.

“It was highly supportive of these recent active shooter incidents. It kind of reveled in the suffering and the killings. And basically said that, that he wished something like that happened in Siskiyou.” Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said.

Lopey said three firearms, including long guns and ammunition were confiscated for safe keeping from the man’s family home. He described the man’s parents as cooperative.

Lopey said the man admitted writing the message, but denied he intended to carry out an attack.

“Threats have to be taken seriously by law enforcement and others. We can’t tolerate this kind of thing, especially in this day and age.” Lopey explained.

Lopey said he is confident the man will be appropriately assessed and treated by behavioral health officials. No charges have been filed.