Nancy's Bookshelf: Author Lorna McLeod Talks Money

May 22, 2019

Author Lorna McLeod thought she was bad with money until she got a financial coach and learned to overcome financial challenges. She is now a financial coach herself and has written a book to help people stop stressing about money.

The title of a book is “Make Peace With Money: Redefine Your Relationship with Money, Master Your Personal Finances, and Discover True Wealth.”

From Amazon:

Lorna McLeod, PCC, is a coach and author who has personally faced and overcome numerous financial and money challenges.

In her younger adulthood, Lorna thought she was bad with money. It wasn't until she got the support of her financial coach and mentor that she realized that, far from actually being bad with money, there were simply a number of things about money management she didn't know yet.

So she rolled up her sleeves and learned what she needed to know so she could coach on this topic.