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Book Reviews

  • Local researcher Maris Thompson collected stories of immigration in the German American Midwest during World War I. Award-winning NPR journalist Tom Gjelten talked to immigrant families in Virginia for his book A Nation of Nations.
  • Recent archaeological discoveries reveal that Neolithic humans saw the world with a fresh, startling vision. Retired biology professor Ray Barnett details the discoveries in his latest book, Forgotten World: New Look at Neolithic Reveals Gardeners of Gaia and a Lifeline as Humanity Falters.
  • In his book "Scripting the Life You Want Manifest Your Dreams with Just Pen and Paper," author Royce Christyn offers a step-by-step guide to the process of “scripting” your future and successfully manifesting the most out of your daily life.
  • Professor Curt DeBerg is an avid fan of the life and writings of Ernest Hemingway and spent the last two years visiting all the important places that influenced the arc of his life and his art. DeBerg is an active member of the distinguished Ernest Hemingway Society.
  • Author Gayle Kimball offers insight into current research, personal reflections, and understandings by visionaries worldwide on the mysteries of healing.
  • In “Super Fly: The Unexpected Lives of the World’s Most Successful Insects” Jonathan Balcombe takes a deep dive into the world of flies. Also, a commentary by Eric Miller “Cat’s Life Was a Great Ride” to conclude the show.
  • In her memoir, author Rachel Michelberg opens up about her marriage and is faced with a difficult decision. Her husband, David, survives a plane crash and is left with severe brain damage. Will she dedicate her life to caring for a man she no longer loves, or walk away?
  • Author and lifestyle coach Lani Muelrath shows how practicing mindfulness brings a healthier and happier you. The book offers powerful tools to understand the process and guide you to a more mindful living.
  • Author Mike Paull introduces us to his latest thriller, "Missing." and pop culture writer for The Washington Post, Travis M. Andrews, chats about his debut book "Because He's Jeff Goldblum: The Movies, Memes and Meaning of Hollywood's Most Enigmatic Actor" as he takes a deep dive into Goldblum's life and career.
  • Poet Lucinda Watson shares work from her first book of poetry, "The Favorite," published by Golden Antelope Press. Also, Northern California writer Meghan Turner shares details about her collection of poetry with "Auburn & Ink: Poetry by Meghan Irene Turner."