Six Arrested As Homicide Investigation Continues

Jan 8, 2020


Credit Butte County Sheriff's Office


Officials in Butte County have revealed some details involving an ongoing murder investigation in Oroville. The victim’s body was found Dec. 21st in the Feather Falls area near the lake. 

Authorities believe the killing may be related to a marijuana growing network, and that the victim, 27-year-old Jacob McArthur, may have been employed by those involved in his death.

Over the past two and half weeks, detectives and deputies raided 13 homes across the county. They seized one and a half tons of marijuana, ten guns and close to $140,000 in cash … $30,000 of it in silver coins.


Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Megan McCann said authorities believe McArthur was part of a larger syndicate that was growing cannabis at several locations. His distraught father, Alex, said he didn’t approve of his son’s vocation but said he was talented at it and as an adult, he could only push so far.

“I talked to him on Wednesday. The Wednesday before he was killed, and I said, Jacob, you are in a very, very dangerous position." McCann said. "You’re so vulnerable, you’re up there all by yourself, no one’s there. People know that you’re there and that you have money there and that you’re too easy of a target.”

Authorities have arrested six people on various drug and weapons charges. One man was also charged with possession of child pornography after a search of electronic devices. McCann said detectives believe 39-year-old Shaina Burnette of Chico headed the group, which ranged in age from 25 to 53.

No one has been charged in the homicide.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with additional information to contact Detectives Joe Hooks or Jake Smith at 530-538-7671.