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Image courtesy of the Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group

The Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group (CFLTRG) is the official community hub for recovery resources. They're official designation is recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) and local government agencies in Butte County.

Common Ground For Common Good: Celebration of Life 5K

Jan 23, 2018
Photo used courtesy of Celebration of Life 5k

The Celebration of Life 5k is an event benefiting and raising awareness for Hospice and Palliative Care in Butte County.  The nonprofit is a partner of North Valley Community Foundation. The event takes place on the first Sunday in May. Learn more about the event at their website or Facebook page. 

Common Ground For Common Good: Bridging The Gap

Jul 5, 2016
North Valley Community Foundation

While traveling to the base camp of Mt. Everest, Shirley Adams had to cross seven bridges. Their absolute necessity made her reflect on the people who served as bridges in her life. She also had time to reflect on the severe poverty around her, and all this led her down the path to helping the global fight for clean drinking water. 

She founded Bridging the Gap, a foundation that raises money for clean water access mostly in Mali, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia and Uganda. 

Common Ground For Common Good: The Yellow Door

Jun 21, 2016
Chico State

Josie  Blagrave is the program coordinator for The Yellow Door. During her work as an undergrad, she was placed with a young student with an autism spectrum disorder. This student loved to draw doors, especially yellow doors. He said the yellow door was a happy door. 

The Yellow Door supports individuals with autism and their families, through raising both funds and awareness. Their main event is the annual Chico Walks for Autism. 

North Valley Community Foundation

Growing up, Jacob Peterson was the beneficiary of some support from a community member outside of his family. This person helped Jacob down the path to his eventual college education, and one day he looked back and thought maybe he could give that same gift to others. As the executive director for the Junior Leadership Development Program, that's exactly what he aims to do. 

Common Ground For Common Good: Purses For Primates

May 24, 2016
Purses for Primates

Allison Boyer started Purses for Primates when she was in seventh grade. The nonprofit group doesn't seek to arm apes with purses — it cleans up old purses and sells them, donating the profits to Orangutan Outreach

Ron Reed has been a public defender for the past 30 years. His focus: juveniles who end up in trouble. The Reed Family Foundation has produced a film for kids who may be considering a life in gangs, and they hope it can communicate a positive message. It's called "Who Are You Going to Be? Don't Let a Gang Decide for You." Much of the film consists of interviews with people who are serving lengthy prison sentences for gang activity they engaged in as a teenager.

Common Ground For Common Good: The Celebration

May 10, 2016
North Valley Community Foundation


The Celebration Foundation generates funding for cancer-related services in Butte County through its biennial Celebration. 

The foundation was started by Charlene Mikeska, a breast cancer survivor who started volunteering for Marin County's Stepping Out To Celebrate Life. Like Stepping Out, The Celebration is a gala and fashion show featuring breast cancer survivors. 

Common Ground For Common Good: The Alex Project

Apr 26, 2016
North Valley Community Foundation

Dan Strauss started the Alex Project, which spreads the word about help for anyone in crisis — but especially teens. Alex was 17 when he died by suicide. He was Dan's son.

The Alex Project's goal is that no one die simply because he or she can't find someone to talk to. And for many young people, it's easier to reach out via text. The project spreads the word about how easy it is to connect with suicide prevention resources.

If you or anyone you know is in crisis, or just need to talk to someone, text "Listen" to 741741 — the numbers on the left side of the phone — and talk to someone from Crisis Text Line 24/7. 

Chico Children's Museum

The Chico Children's Museum exists in plans, ideas, a board of directors and more — but it doesn't exist in its physical form yet. When it does open (currently planned for April 2017), it will be a big space for a big vision. On this installment of Common Ground for Common Good, we hear from Dana Leslie, the museum's president and founder. She explains the museum's conception, and its ultimate goal of providing children with a place to play, socialize, make mistakes, experiment, and  — most of all — learn.