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Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge and Councilmember Sean Morgan served recall notices a second time

City of Chico
Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge and Councilmember Sean Morgan

Chico City Councilmember Sean Morgan and Chico Mayor Andrew Coolidge were served intent to recall notices for the second time Tuesday.

A newly formed group called Chico Voters is behind the recall effort. The group served notices to Councilmember Morgan and Mayor Coolidge earlier this month, but the petitions were rejected due to clerical errors forcing recall proponents to start back at square one.

“Recalling and replacing these two incompetent people before they cause more damage to our city is worth fighting for," Chico Voters Spokesperson Morgan Kennedy said in a press release.

Mayor Coolidge said the process is now in the hands of the city clerk.

"I am hopeful that they actually got their paperwork correct and then the process will move forward,” Coolidge said. “The clerk will establish a timeline and go from there."

Councilmember Morgan said in an email that "an attack on my seat is an attack on the hard-working people and families of district one"

Chico City Clerk Debbie Presson confirmed that her office received the notices of intention to circulate a recall petition Tuesday afternoon.