After Paradise: Week 15

Feb 21, 2019

Tonight on After Paradise – it’s been 15 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode we hear from Chico Mayor Randall Stone about the major housing shortage in the City of Chico, we learn why a new law enacted to help California fire survivors with insurance coverage will not benefit those displaced by the Camp Fire and we hear from the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce about the work going into bringing a vibrant business community back to Paradise.


Your questions answered: Some of you wanted to know when the Disaster Recovery Centers in Paradise and Chico would be closing. According to Butte County Public Information Officer Casey Hatcher both locations will shutter their doors on March 1.

Don’t forget, we would not be able to do this program without your questions driving our coverage. If you have any questions about Camp Fire recovery you can submit them on our website.  

*Important deadline: Feb. 28 is the last day for property owners to sign up for the Alternative Debris Removal Program. This debris removal option entails hiring a properly licensed contractor and submitting a work plan to the county. According to Butte County Public Information Officer Casey Hatcher at this point 372 alternative program applications have been submitted. For more information visit

For Thursday, February 21th, 2019 … this is “After Paradise.”