After Paradise

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“After Paradise” is dedicated to post-Camp Fire recovery information. Each Thursday night, the NSPR News Team will bring you the latest from government officials, rescue organizations, financial planners, trauma experts and local reporters.

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After Paradise: Day 32

Dec 10, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 32 days since the Camp Fire started. Some of the first FEMA trailers have arrived for disaster victims who need semi permanent housing. We’ll get a tour of one of them near Corning. We also go along with workers from the Environmental Protection Agency, as they clean up toxic waste from homes that were leveled in the fire. We hear from an official in Sonoma County where the Tubbs Fire last year prompted serious questions about the emergency alert system. Questions that are now also being asked in Butte County.

After Paradise: Day 29

Dec 7, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 29 days since the Camp Fire started. Toxic debris removal from burned out properties has already begun. Now, Butte County is asking fire victims to sign up to allow cleanup of the rest of the materials. We’ll have details. Plus a North State non-profit is giving the Red Cross 100-thousand dollars to help replace medical devices and glasses that were lost to the fire. And the author of a book about grief talks about the best ways for friends, family, and coworkers, to help victims through the recovery process.

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 28 days… exactly four weeks… since the Camp Fire started. Tonight we’ll hear from a local legend in Magalia. Jaki’s Hilltop Café survived the fire, but Jaki Snead’s house did not. She’s still pondering what the future holds. Plus a commentary from a fire survivor who’s taken to calling himself a “climate change refugee.” And a woman who lived through Hurricanes Katrina AND Harvey shares her thoughts on recovery, and the importance of asking for help.

After Paradise: Day 27

Dec 6, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – – it’s been 27 days since the Camp Fire started. Butte County had a severe housing crisis BEFORE the fire. Now, it’s scrambling for places to put the people who lost some 14-thousand homes in Paradise, Magalia, and Concow. We’ll talk with the director of the county housing authority. We’ll also hear what happened with the rebuilding effort after the Thomas fire, which erupted a year ago near Santa Barbara. Plus… the founder and CEO of Sierra Nevada Brewing – Ken Grossman – shares the story of “Resilience” – a new brew raising funds around the country for fire recovery.

After Paradise: Day 26

Dec 4, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 26 days since the Camp Fire started. Butte County healthworkers heard today from the CEO of Adventist Health about the future of the Feather River Hospital and other clinics in the area. We’ll have a report. Plus a tour through FEMA’s Disaster Recovery Center at the old Sears building… we’ll take you through the process of registered for help and benefits. And first thing we do… we expose all the lawyers who go after clients in the immediate aftermath of disasters like this one.

After Paradise: Day 25

Dec 3, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 25 days since the Camp Fire started. Today was the first day back at school for students in Butte County. Eight of the nine schools in Paradise burned down. Those kids are now in classrooms that are foreign to them. Residents of Magalia held an impromptu town hall over the weekend. Concern is growing over their inability to pass through the primary roads to and from Chico. And a 15-year-old from Paradise shares her Instagram post about allowing yourself to feel sad, when everyone wants you to feel better. 

After Paradise: Day 22

Nov 30, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 22 days since the Camp Fire forever changed the lives of so many here in Butte County. Most of the thousands of search and recovery workers dedicated to the fire’s aftermath have now been sent home. Tonight we talk with Sheriff Kory Honea about what that means for those still listed as missing. And Butte County district attorney Mike Ramsay walks us through the complex legal issues faced by the families of those still missing. Plus… the latest on the investigation into PG&E’s role in this catastrophe.

After Paradise: Day 21

Nov 30, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 21 days since the Camp Fire leveled the city of Paradise. Flash flood and evacuation warnings filled the airwaves this afternoon. Tonight we’ll get the latest on the threat of landslides throughout the burn area, plus school is back in session next week – we hear from the superintendent. And the editor-in-chief of the Chico Enterprise-Record talks about how the paper is covering the crisis in its backyard. 

After Paradise: Day 20

Nov 28, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 20 days since the Camp Fire incinerated Paradise. A flash flood watch has been issued for the entire fire zone as rain now threatens to make a complex disaster operation even worse. Tonight we’ll hear the latest on the threat of landslides from the winter storm that’s approaching, plus developments in post-disaster housing and we'll take a look at why citizens can’t just go back now that the fire is out – a question many of you have called in and asked us. 

After Paradise: Day 19

Nov 27, 2018

Tonight on “After Paradise” – it’s been 19 days since the Camp Fire began its rampage. Rain is falling on the disaster site, where search and recovery operations continued in an effort to find, in the ashes, the more than 200 people still listed as missing.