Camp Fire

After Paradise: Week 17

Mar 7, 2019

Tonight on After Paradise, it’s been 17 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode we hear from those determined to return to Paradise that hold the first building permits that have been issued in the town, and we hear from a veterinarian who was on the front lines helping save animals after the Camp Fire erupted. We also talk to Meredith Cooper, managing editor at the Chico News & Review about her recent story on the widespread contamination in Paradise’s water system.  

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Butte County Assessor Diane Brown said semi-annual property tax bills are about to hit the mail, and Camp Fire survivors can expect smaller bills.  


Rover Pass

Evacuees living in RVs, especially those ordered from their home sites after ash and fire debris was determined too toxic to live near, will have another option. 

Tonight on After Paradise – it’s been 16 weeks since the Camp Fire started. In this episode we hear the latest news on PG&E, we learn that the camping ban in Paradise isn’t being enforced and we take a journey to Butte Creek Canyon – a place where land practices of the past played a role in how much of that area was destroyed by the Camp Fire.

Your questions answered: Listener Don asked for an update of the status of water conditions in Paradise, which you can find here. We also were able to find an answer for Gregory who wanted to know “When will we be able to move back to Paradise? I know it’s going to take time. Just looking for a realistic time frame.”


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After Paradise: This Week’s Headlines


  • Alternative Debris Removal Program Deadline Extended

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California has continuously been seeing hotter, faster wildfires. But why? Well, a big contributing factor is our relationship with the land. Independent Producer Matt Fidler takes us to Butte Creek Canyon, one of the communities devastated by the Camp Fire where he explores how land practices of the past played a role in what happened there in November.

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What Are The Current Water Conditions In Paradise?

Listener Don asks: “When will we be able to drink the water in Paradise? What is left on the district’s “to-do” list and could work in some areas be completed first to allow repopulation or will we have to wait until the entire system is fixed?


Paradise Camping Ban Not Being Enforced

Feb 28, 2019
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Town of Paradise and Butte County banned residents from living on their burned out properties. But as KQED’s Sonja Hutson reports town and county officials have not been enforcing the ban.

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Post fire housing, revenue and water figured large at Tuesday’s Butte County Board of Supervisors hearing. 


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Fire impacts, housing and other issues figure large in this morning’s Butte County Board of Supervisors hearing.