Chico City Council

No Moves By Chico Council On Esplanade Safety

Apr 6, 2016
Kacey Gardner

The Chico City Council last night made no further moves on the Esplanade safety study. The Chico-Enterprise Record reports proposals for a re-designed, safer Esplanade were discussed for more than two hours, but no decisions were made.

The plan now is to hold a follow-up meeting of which no date was set.

Chico Scrapyard Opponents Throw Down Gauntlet

Apr 4, 2016
Marc Albert

“If they continue to drag their feet, we will put this on the ballot.”

Fighting words Friday from former Chico mayor Karl Ory as he and about a dozen activists pledged to eject a scrapyard from its current location.

The dispute stretches back over a decade. County and later city officials rezoned the area, encouraging residential development. Industrial businesses, including an asphalt plant, trucking yard and furniture refinisher along with Chico Scrap Metal, were given a deadline to move, activists said. While the rest found new homes, the scrap yard dug in. Legal wrangling followed.

Chico Officials Refine Plans For Esplanade Overhaul

Mar 24, 2016
Kacey Gardner

Prospective plans to substantially redesign a major street in Chico — the Esplanade — are being further refined ahead of an upcoming hearing before the city council.

Several conceptual designs have been cast aside after a previous hearing, but the crux of each remains under consideration.

City officials were notified a decade ago that the tree-lined boulevard’s narrow and buckled sidewalks did not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Chico Council To Decide On Restrooms For Homeless

Mar 1, 2016

The Chico City Council Tuesday night will decide whether and how best to provide the homeless with round-the-clock bathroom access. 
Chico has public restrooms, but they’re all locked at night.
Finding a solution is complex. The restrooms must provide privacy, but not enough to invite drug use, prostitution or other crime. They must be inexpensive to buy and maintain, yet stand up to vandals and resist graffiti. 

Chico Council, Public Mull Esplanade Plans

Jan 21, 2016

Chico officials are narrowing down ideas for revamping the broad, tree-lined portion of the Esplanade immediately north of downtown. At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, it was clear that complete agreement is still a ways off.

The plan is to develop a community-backed, shovel-ready blueprint likely to win millions in federal and state transportation funds if and when they become available.

The aims are three-fold: fix deficiencies, reduce accidents and keep traffic moving.

Chico Police Support New City Party Rules

Dec 18, 2015

The controversial new noise and party rules will trim some of Chico’s rough edges, not lead to mass arrests or a war on fun.

That’s a summary of the official reaction in the wake of passage of stricter ordinances covering large gatherings and separately, the noise they tend to create.

Chico Police Lieutenant Rob Merrifield said the older rules left some significant holes.   

Chico Council To Passes Harsher Party Penalties

Dec 15, 2015

Chico police will have more power to combat gatherings that get out of control after City Council action last night.

The unruly party ordinance will allow police to issue citations or arrests at disruptive, loud parties of more than 20 people.

Many locals voiced concerns about the ordinance stifling the music and arts scene, and the council ruled it will not will not apply to concerts or DJ events.

Chico Aims To Douse Couch Fires

Dec 3, 2015

With the Pioneer Day parade and St. Patrick’s Day already tackled, Chico officials last night threw water on another unseemly youthful tradition.

“I don’t know what the fascination is about anybody setting a couch on fire,” said Chico City Manager Mark Orme.

According to information provided to the City Council Tuesday night, there’s a lot. Fire department officials claim that they’ve been dispatched to more than 100 furniture-related arson fires over the past year.

Wastewater problems in Paradise are a long way from over, but the foothill town just gained another possible option.

Chico’s City Council Tuesday night said it would not oppose a feasibility study looking into connecting Paradise’s commercial districts to Chico’s sewer system. The option would be one of four.

Paradise, population 26,000, is entirely on septic systems. That may have been fine once upon a time, but small lots, stricter codes and failing leach fields are causing problems, especially in the commercial core.

Chico Council To Oppose Higher Water Bills

Oct 7, 2015
Bart / Flickr, Creative Commons

Irritated at the prospect of paying more, and perturbed at other aspects of a California Water Service rate hike proposal, Chico officials Tuesday night moved to try and block it. Trouble is, it’s pretty much out of the city’s hands.

The investor-owned utility, known locally as Cal Water, is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.