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It seems like every summer it happens, once it’s warm enough to swim, authorities are warning people to stay out of the water. Why? An abundance of one of the simplest living things on earth: algae. Actually a specific type of algae called cyanobacteria, tiny microorganisms that can cause serious illness.  


Keith Bouma-Gregson is an environmental scientist with the California State Water Resources Control Board. He also co-leads the Fresh Water Harmful Algae Bloom Program, and has been tracking blooms in California.  

Lauri Kranz & Dean Kuipers

As summer heats us up and slows us down, the garden and in particular the edible garden is front and center. This week Cultivating Place is joined by Lauri Kranz, of Edible Gardens LA conversing about how growing your own food is one of the most empowering things you’ll ever do.  Stay With us!

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Robert Hanss

Robert Hanss and his daughter Catherine are a father-daughter duo in the Northeast working together to create and care for gardens and horticulture traditions and relationships that will last for generations to come.


In this week following Father’s Day, and day before the Summer Solstice, they join us to talk about the changing nature of horticultural business models and the lasting legacy of family – landscapes included. Join us!


Up The Road: Summer Vacation 2: Make Yourself Useful

May 22, 2019
U.S Bureau of Land Management

It’s almost summer, almost time for some serious time out. And don’t we need that this year, especially in far Northern California? Given these extraordinary, exhausting times, let’s do something new. Do something more. Let’s get out there and make a difference, close to home.

We’ve talked before about voluntourism, or service vacations, typically at least “somewhat organized” trips built around a cause or useful purpose—planting trees, building trails.

Get some tips on how to get a handle on squash bugs, those summertime pests that can overrun the home garden.