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Janelle Salanga

Northern California Reporter

The Central Valley is something that is incredibly personal to me. Having grown up, studied and worked in the valley, I’ve learned that there are stories in every corner of every city here: stories about intergenerational organizing, environmental (in)justice and the labor that feeds much of California, among others.

I see journalism as a tool for record-keeping and nuancing “stereotypical” or “sensational” narratives. I want to see media act less transactionally, meet people where they are and ground my reporting in a deep understanding of regional context. Through being in the valley, which lies at the core of Northern California, I’ve learned a little bit about that context — but I am always learning more, and your stories play a huge role in that.

As CapRadio’s Northern California reporter, I operate from an understanding of the breadth of perspectives here and the societal and structural inequities between the communities within the region. I’m particularly passionate about covering stories about groups of people that have been disempowered by current social structures.

If there’s something I should be covering about Northern California — whether a topic or a specific story — let me know! This region is one we share.