Earl Bloor

Host, Edible North State

Gale Vineyards

Host Earl Bloor speaks with Nate Thompson, vineyard manager at Gale Vineyards in Durham. 

Salt and Savour

Dave Edmonson is the brains behind Salt and Savour, a Dunsmuir-based sauerkraut producer. He's one of few in the world who can say that sauerkraut saved (or at least vastly improved) his life. 

Sarah Bohannon / NSPR

Chico Certified Farmers Market General Manager Natalie Carter tells our host Earl Bloor about the successes and challenges she's seen with farmers markets. There are five Certified Farmers Market locations: two in Chico, Two in Paradise and one in Oroville. 

Kathy Brandt, along with her husband James, took Julia's Fruit Stand from an extremely small-time venture into a Tehama County mainstay and stopping point for countless Highway 99 travelers. 

In this episode of Edible North State, Earl Bloor talks about the abundance of fresh, local food in the North State, available on almost a daily basis at farmers markets throughout the area.

In this episode of Edible North State, Earl Bloor talks to Brandon Miller of Comanche Creek Farms, off Highway 99 outside of Chico, and Nathan Johnson, the chef and owner of The Kitchen Table restaurant in Chico.   

On this episode of Edible North State, part of NSPR's From the Ground Up series, Earl Bloor talks to Arielle Danan, a fresh almond milk entrepreneur who sells her products at farmers markets in Chico and elsewhere in the area. 

On this episode of Edible North State, Earl Bloor talks with Amy Hasle of Honey Run Wines.